Chicken and Broccoli in Ginger-Flavored Sauce


– 1/2 lb boneless chicken thigh
– 1 bn broccoli
– 2 sm white turnips
– 1/4 x carrot
– 2 1/8 cup kelp-flavored fish stock (nidashijiru)
– 1 1/2 tbs starch mixed with
– 2 tbs water
– 1 tsp ginger juice

– 1 tbs Japanese rice wine (sake)
– 1 tbs sweetened cooking sake (mirin)
– 1 tbs sugar
– 1/2 tbs light color soy sauce (usukuchi-shoyu)


– Cut chicken into 1/2- to 3/4-inch cubes.
– Cut broccoli into flowerets (no stems) and blanch for 30 seconds in boiling water. Drain in colander.
– Cut turnip greens about 1/4-inch from root. Cut turnips into six wedges. Pare off thick outer layer.
– Cut carrot into bite-size pieces.
– Boil stock and add chicken, turnip and carrot. Cook until vegetables are soft. Skim off foam.
– Add seasonings and broccoli. Cook until heated through. Add starch and water and stir until thickened.
– Add ginger juice, stir and serve.

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