SUSHI EN is a family owned and operated Japanese restaurant that opened at the Polaris area in 2006. While SUSHI EN has only been around for a few years, the restaurant is the culmination of many years of my family's ambition, hard work, and dedication. My parents, Soon & Hee Chan Bae originated from Seoul, South Korea and moved to the United States in 1981. After many years of owning various businesses, they decided to buy ownership of their first restaurant in Farmington Hills, MI in 1998. The restaurant was very successful, and it inspired my parents to broaden their horizons and open their own restaurant in Columbus, OH where sushi was just beginning to "take off."

So began SUSHI KO, which we proudly opened in 2001, and was the basis for much of our beginning success in the new millennium. In 2005, we were approached by the area developers of Polaris, and were asked if we would be interested in occupying the space beside the new Rave Motion Picture Theater that was being built beside the fashion mall. We humbly accepted, and were excited for the new opportunity to begin what would become SUSHI EN.

Upon receiving two B.A. degrees from The Ohio State University in 2008, I was uncertain as to my own future goals and realized that what had inspired me the most throughout my life was watching my parents' dream come into fruition, and that therein lie the key to my own dreams. Having grown up in the restaurant environment, and always having had a deep passion towards food, in 2009, it was with excitement that I followed my parents' steps of entrepreneurship and began to implement my own ideas of quality food and service. I have an ardent desire to express with every plate that Japanese fare is an art form as much as it is a cuisine. Our aim was, and always will be to provide fresh, top-shelf quality, and innovative repast for our customers.

SUSHI EN has been a sensation which I attribute to my parents' determination and enterprising perseverance, the diligence and dedication of our staff, and of course, the loyalty of our customers. I hope to continue many years of success and invite you to join us for our philosophy of edible art.